Services We Offer

Personal Therapy

All of us experience different struggles throughout our lives and seeing a counsellor can help you to understand yourself better to deal with the issues that you are experiencing. We provide you with a safe space to experience all your thoughts and emotions without any judgment to help you achieve a happy and fulfilled life that you deserve.

Career Guidance & Planning

Your career choice is one of the most important and yet a confusing choice to make to have a fulfilling professional and financial life. With the help of authentic psychometric testing you can short list careers that would work best for you based on your interest, personality, aptitude and intelligence.

Couple Counselling

When two people from different backgrounds and ideologies comes together, conflicts are natural. Through couple counseling you’ll understand the dynamics within your relationship, come to common grounds through negotiating differences and learn healthy ways to communicate effectively thereby building a stronger bond together.

Child Counselling

The mind of a child functions very differently from adults, as they are unable to articulate their concerns through words. We actively use different methods and techniques of art and play therapy to help children cope with their struggles.

Organizational Counselling

To have an optimum functioning and productivity within an organization, it is imperative that the employees are in their best states of mind. Through organizational counseling, the issues faced by the employees on a personal as well as professional level are dealt with thereby promoting higher performances.

Psychometric Testing

A wide range of psychometric testing is available at our Centre, through which you would be able to understand and access yourself in-depth thereby taking the right course of action for you.

Short Term Courses

We conduct various need based specialized short-term courses either on an individual level or with small groups predominantly within the field of psychology, psychotherapy and mental health.

Supervision Sessions

At our centre, we focus on providing supervision sessions for budding psychology students and newly practicing practioners in the field of counseling which ideally focuses on providing insights in conducting sessions, dealing with triggers and transference or countertransference, equipping counseling skills to thereby develop own style of therapeutic expertise.

Access Consciousness Bars

It is considered to be a powerful mode of healing that is practiced globally by focusing on specific points on our brain, which are connected to different aspects of our lives and also store electromagnetic components of thoughts, ideas, attitudes, feelings, beliefs that we hold.

Chakra Meditation

We have seven main chakras within the human body that signify different aspects of our lives. Through guided Chakra meditation, you will experience balance of the mind and the body thereby enhancing overall wellbeing, dealing with physiological complaints while achieving mental clarity.

Dream Interpretation

We all dream, however we rarely know what they actually mean. Dreams are a projection of your subconscious mind, and if decoded correctly can help you understand yourself and how the subconscious mind perceives your life.

Workshops & Seminars

We conduct a wide range of workshops and seminars depending on the need of the organization, educational institute, corporates and industries, government organizations and NGO’s.

Yoga & Meditation

At our center we create individually tailored yoga and meditation sessions based on your needs and requirements specifically focusing on your mental health along with physiological health.

Mental Health Retreats

Our Centre works with various organizations to conduct mental health retreats. These retreats are residential spaces that are designed to help you focus on yourself and your mental health through a range of activities and events that help you explore and discover yourself, and experience you in a different light.

Group Therapy Sessions

Most of the hardships that we have experience in life are also experienced by others around us. Group therapy sessions focuses on bringing people together who have are facing similar issues with life. Along with dealing with the concerns in therapy, you also experience support and guidance from others who have or are going through the same.

Graphology Session

With graphology sessions you will be able to understand your major personality attributes and behavioural patterns through your handwriting. Graphology can also help you understand the characters of people around you just through their writings and signatures.

Hypnotherapy Session

Clinical hypnotherapy can help you cope a range of issues. While it can help you recall suppressed memories and it can also help you attain answers from the subconscious mind. In a heightened state of relaxation brought about by hypnosis it is possible to plant new ideologies and behaviors within the roots of subconscious mind.

Art Therapy

At times talking about specific issues can be extremely difficult or over-whelming. Art Is a powerful tool and a platform that can help you express yourself freely while process and make sense of what is happening.

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Educational Background

Aditi has always had an excellent academic background. She has pursued her Doctorate in psychology from an international university in the United Kingdom. She has completed three master’s degrees from recognized institutes which involve Indian Institute of Psychology & Research, Tata’s Institute of Social Science and Trinity College (Dublin). Consistently among the top five at her universities, she pursued multiple diplomas and specializations that add to her vast knowledge and practice.

Masters Degrees

Msc. in Psychological Counselling
M.phil in Clinical Psychology
M.phil in Psychoanalytical Studies

Post Graduate Diplomas

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource & Administration from Tata’s Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Post Graduate Diplomas in Arts Based Therapy from Mind & Arts Institute, Mumbai

Clinical Hypnotherapy from International Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis and California Hypnosis Institute

Post Graduate Diploma in Graphology from Graphology School of India

Transactional Analysis as a Psychotherapeutic Approach from Navagati Institute, Bangalore with also credited by International Transactional Analysis Association and South Asian Association of Transactional Analysis.

Other Specializations

  • Psychoanalysis
  • Cognitive Behavior therapy
  • Rational Emotive behavior Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Arts Based Therapy
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Emotional Freedom technique
  • Access Consciousness Bars
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Chakra Meditation